silence = noise

there is no such thing as silence in the jungle.

there’s not an inch for it to live upon, no air for it to breathe life back into itself.
all of nature’s sound converges to relegate even the remote possibility of deafening silence to far beneath the ocean, only steps away.

it’s been over two years since i’ve been out of the US (not so united, these states), and as always, every time i leave “home” (with all that should feel familiar) to enter a new land, i return to a version of myself that feels nearest to the one i most adore and am inspired by.

these particular smells and sights and stickiness on the skin always feel like home – like places i’ve been before and remember well, that bring to me (and me to) a place within myself of peace, surrender, calm, reflection.. like places i have yet to meet but i know deep down are patiently waiting for me to one day arrive and sink gladly into all of the noise within its silence.

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