things i miss

i miss writing. this is my attempt to squeeze myself back into the regular space of words, even though there have been words that accompany my daily paintings, which appear to be out of order below, though life here feels like it’s in fine order: i wake up early, go to yoga, have free time before work (2 clients max – ideally) in the middle of the day, and then time to reflect, relax, chat, do nothing (perhaps my favorite thing to do), do nothing productive (perhaps my least favorite thing to faux-do).

life feels easy, and the days seem to fill up on their own, or maybe that’s every day for everybody, whether or not you’re looking at it that way. i’m not manifesting a lack of work, but i do miss more of nothing, days of nothing. maybe that’s simply part of growing up – one can have lots of time for play, but work is an inevitability to ensure the lots of time for play.

i also miss pacquito. i hope he doesn’t think i’m dead and that he knows somehow that i’m returning. i wonder if he’d be happy here in a new place, or if he’s more like the part of me that finds comfort is the forever tried and true.

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